Club information

Clubhouse Hours of Operation

May 1 to October 31
Daily 11am to 9pm

November 1 to November 15
Sunday through Thursday 12 noon to 4pm
Friday and Saturday, 12 noon to 8pm, Dinner available

November 16 to December 1
Open for special occasions and private functions only

Tuesday through Friday, 12pm to 3pm, Poinsettia Lunch
Thursday and Friday, 6pm to 8pm, Dickens Dinner

January to mid-April
Open for special occasions and private functions only

Mid-April to April 30
Daily 12pm to 4pm

Ladies’ offers Members reciprocal dining with other select clubs in the Greater Toronto Area during the off‑season.

Bag Drop

Drop your bags on the lower level of our Golf Shop, and we’ll deliver them to the first tee for you. You can rent a power cart at the Golf Shop or pick up one of our complimentary pull carts.


Park in Lot 2, near the Golf Shop and Lot 3, past the Golf Shop.

Locker Rooms

You’ll find the Women’s Locker Room in the Clubhouse and the Men’s Locker Room in the Golf Shop building. Day lockers are available.


You’ll find washrooms at the Golf Shop, the Halfway House 9th tee and near the 6th green. Our washrooms are well supplied with sunscreen, hand lotion and other amenities for your comfort.

Pace of Play

Our 18-hole course is designed to be played in about 4 hours and 20 minutes; our 9-hole course is designed to be played in 2 hours and 10 minutes. As a courtesy to other players, we encourage you to complete your game in or around these timeframes.


The Clubhouse, Patio, Gardens and Golf Shop are smoke-free areas. Smoking is permitted on the golf course and in the parking lot.
The use of recreational marijuana on Club property is prohibited.

Mobile Devices

Mobile communication devices are welcome at our Club, but we ask that devices be set to silent mode in all areas of the Clubhouse and on the golf course, as a courtesy to other guests. Mobile conversations are welcome in the Clubhouse business centre, locker rooms and parking lot.

Dress Code

All members and guests must wear suitable attire throughout the Club – on the course, in the Clubhouse and around the grounds.

On the Golf Course

Women are asked to wear conservative, tailored slacks, golf skirts or shorts. Men are asked to wear tailored slacks or Bermuda shorts; tailored golf shirts (with collar and sleeves).

Inappropriate dress is not permitted on the golf course, including: denim apparel; bare midriffs; large or indiscreet logos; cargo pants with buckles and ties; warm-up suits; hats worn backwards.

Proper soft spike footwear is required.

In the Clubhouse

Guests are expected to dress appropriately in the Clubhouse, using smart casual attire as a guideline. Smart denim may be worn in the Clubhouse, adjacent patios and lawn, but not on the golf course. Specific events may be designated as No Smart Denim.

Hats and headgear are permitted on the patio and lawn, but you are asked to remove them on entering the Clubhouse.


Guests must be at least 7 years of age to visit our Clubhouse, except for special social events, and must be at least 7 years to play golf. Female guests are welcome to golf at any time during our regular hours*, and male guests are welcome on the course before 8am and after 12pm*.

(*Except during draws or special events.)

Accessibility Standards

Ladies’ is committed to making our Club’s facilities and services accessible to all our members and guests, regardless of ability.

Here are our Accessibility Standards:
Accessibility Standard for Customer Service (PDF)
Accessibility Standards Policy (PDF)